Made In-House


Almont Tart – Tarta De Santiago

Traditional almond tart, made with paste of almonds, sugar, eggs and flour. The perfect companion for “helado de turrón”


Apple Tart – Tarta De Manzana

Ours is made with puff pastry and pastry cream with thin sliced glazed apple on top. Simple and delicious


Creme Brulee – Crema Catalana

Take some egg yolks, stir softly and add sugar, a bit of milk, extra eggs, and slow bain-marie cooking; top it with a crusty flambé custard of natural raw sugar when served


Flan Casero

There is really no need for details with this one!


Nougat Ice Cream Helado De Turron

If you come and visit us, nougat ice cream is a must. Made with real “turrón de Jijona” brought from Spain, and prepared with dedication and care. Ask for a scoop of ice cream in any of our other desserts if you want!

Three Chocolate Cake – Trío de Chocolates

Thin layer of base cake, then deliciously layered milk, white and dark chocolate mousse, covered in a dark chocolate bath.

Torrija Borracha Manchega

Records of this popular Spanish dessert are found since XVI century, to give a better use of discarded old bread. The Easter Spanish dessert for excellence. Old bread bathed in beaten milk and eggs, once fried topped with sugar, cinnamon and caramel, then soaked in wine (this is the Manchega part). Turrón ice-cream is the perfect match for this dessert for two.